March 2, 2012

Wearing my new boots at the 2012 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Cook Off

Chillan' with my Hommies!

Poor Boogs with Hand-Foot-Mouth

Too many hours of Modern Warfare with Daddy!

When I stay home with daddy he takes me to the park!

The life of a toddler is exhausting!

Family Photos

Build-A-Bear! Aunt Amy & Uncle Chad gave us gift cards for Christmas

I stole Mommy's Chi Tea and I'm not giving it back!

Happy New Year with sparklers

"Happy Birthday Boo & Momo"

2nd bloody nose! Those corners just come out of nowhere...

"Merry Christmas"

Check out my new hair do!

Uncle Chad cutting my curls off

Learned how to say frisbee, "biz-bee"

Wearing Popo's glasses

What did you say... Better watch out, I have a sword and I'm not scared to use it!

Photo Check.. This is Mommy, we look like twins!

Crazy Boy